What our clients say about Maureen Ritchie Counselling
“My counselling sessions with Maureen have provided me with the clarity and support around the issues in my life that found me stuck and unable to move forward. I found Maureen’s personal and professional style to work well for me in creating a safe environment for me to explore and develop new approaches in dealing with a number of areas that create stress in my life. I cannot recommend her more highly.”
Robin, Parkside
“I had been meditating on my own for more than a year and I was enjoying it, however I was really struggling with ‘letting go’ and got easily distracted, as I hear a lot of people do. I had heard of Maureen and when I knew she was doing group sessions, I definitely wanted to give it a go.

The group sessions are great. I found it so much easier than doing it on my own. Maureen’s voice is easy to listen to and relaxes me, each session uses great music and themes, and the vibes from everyone that attends are always awesome. I have found it so much easier to meditate on my own now, as well as in a group, and I feel the benefits increasing as I continue with meditation over time.

Maureen is a great inspiration, and she reminds us regularly that it is important to take time out and do things for ourselves. We can sit around and make ourselves comfortable and I feel like I can reflect on my experience in a safe and supported way, no matter who attends on the day.

No matter whether you have meditated before or haven’t ever tried it, in a group or on your own, give it a go. Maureen offers different sessions to fit your life, and I have gained so much insight from her guidance and sessions, it has made a huge difference in my life, and I’ll be continuing to attend for as long as possible.”

Jayne, Edwardstown
“I have regular healings with Maureen, who has a unique sensitivity to the client, using her energy and guidance to help others. This enables me to feel rebalanced and focussed after every session, with a renewed sense of support.”
Kristina, Adelaide